It’s Alive…

I know, I know… You all thought this was dead.
Well as you can see, it is not.
For the past 2 years I have been promoted within the company i work for and have had to take on many responsibilities leaving me with very little time to work on external projects. What very little time I did have, was usually spent with the Mrs.

I was not planning to release this version without finishing up all of the features and compatibility issues. But, I do listen in and lurk on the forums – and the people HAVE spoken…
So, I am releasing this version to the public (it was only in the trusted hands of a few beta testers up until now), even though it is NOT nearly complete in my view.

So you guys know how the development is going, I will be updating this blog more often, and if you will excuse me – there will be some rants and general posts made with no relations to FindeXer or the LessClix Suite. So without further ado here’s where we’re at.

Changelog :

  • Regretfully I have been too lazy (and the work has been too far apart) to properly document all the changes, so you are just going to have to see for yourselves.
  • Improvement, GUI was livened up with Mrrste – Thanks a lot m8 they really ROCK!.
  • CD/USB Detection and eject.
  • BugFix, Compatibility with Windows Vista and Vista SP1 was added.
  • Lots more – check it out for yourself…

Wishlist and Plans :

  • Vista Navigation Bar placement – I have been in contact with microsoft on this, and as far as I’m concerned they really screwed this up. It seems there is no way (or so they claim) to add a bar that will reside as another tab like the “folders” and “favorite links” do in Vista’s Explorer Window.
  • Adding Categories and SubCategories – which are expandable/collapsible.
  • Improving Icon resolution and display on some problematic settings.
  • Adding widget support, you will be able to add clocks/buttons/whatever.
  • Completing the ToolTip support to be fully customizable.
  • Automatic detection and handling of certain special folders (such as how many items are in the recycle bin.
  • There is more to come but those are the basic ones I’ll handle first (not necessarily in that order.

As you can see a lot of hard work is going into this, and in very little spare time.
There have been more than !!! 3,000,000 !!! downloads of FindeXer worldwide, but donations are not even enough to keep this site online (which is a mere 70$ yearly).
So if you have enjoyed, and have been using this app for a long time – reach in those deep pockets of your generosity and do some good with it! I promise to do a little dance of joy for every new donation 🙂

This is a development version and as such could contain bugs. Some Features may also be incomplete or not fully implemented – please do not post notifying about them.

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20 Responses to “It’s Alive…”

  1. golemnist Says:

    Just a quick question. I installed everything correctly on vista, but all I get when I load findexer is a grey rectangle that I can’t drop anything into. I am using vista 64-bit. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?

  2. Sha Razeek Says:

    Voila! It works! I’m using XP SP 2 and it works like magic. It’s so customizable and I love the way it integrates with windows. Thanks a million! It’s a cause worth donating I’ll say.. and I hope to do that once I get my paypal going :)…Thanks again

  3. Camilo Verdugo Says:

    I used your program. I thinks, it’s a really good utility. But I found a problem.
    When you add a dir, then add the same one dir. In left pane there is repeated two access. I belive that should appear alone one access.


  4. gonjlz Says:

    golemnist, the same thing is happening to me. I am on Vista x64 too, and when i active FindeXer the same grey rectangle apear in the window and i can not do anything, no drop or menu or anything. I thing is because findexer is not x64 ready. I expect in the next release it can be fixed.

    PS: I use Vista SP1 64 bit

  5. someone Says:

    hello, at first it worked just fine, but after a while it didn’t.
    i tried to run the register.bat file and i keep getting an error message .the same happens for the file unregister.bat .
    the error message is:

    LoadLibrary(“FindeXer.dll”) failed – This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the applican may fix this problem.

    i’ve searched the internet for a solution, but i didn’t find anything that worked.i also tried re-installing VC++ 2005 , SP3 , and even IE7 .
    BTW, i have windows xp home edition SP3 32bit .
    please help…

  6. prachuters Says:

    hi,i download this version but i cann’t install it.I have an old version on my computer.Then i unregisted the old one,but when i tried to run the new register.bat,the error message came. The same with the guy,someone.
    And what really confused me is that i can run the old register.bat successfully.

  7. honhok Says:

    I am running Vista SP1 32bit,

    and everything works fine except one feature.

    When I click on the shortcuts from FindeXer,

    It is opened with a new window instead of the same window.

    I saw other people having the same problem but I couldn’t find

    any solution of it.

  8. nikkkk Says:

    @prachuters: the same here. 🙁

  9. rk Says:

    For those of you who have the problem of new windows opening,
    go to Folder options>View
    and make sure “Launch folder windows in a separate process” is un-ticked.

  10. mondfried Says:

    very great program but it has one bug:
    it does not work with bblean
    when i select a folder via menu in bblean and doubleclick it
    explorer still opens with the left treeview instead
    with explorer as shell everything is fine

  11. honkon Says:


    It is already unchecked as well as the one in the general tab(Open each folder in the same window option)

  12. Magnus Says:

    Great Work!!. Ill wait next version 🙂

    Go Tom Go!!!

  13. keoshi Says:

    Great program!

    @rk ….it is not work, someone has fixed that problem?

    sorry for my bad english.

  14. raveren Says:

    Lovely application, can’t wait for your todos to be implemented 🙂

  15. nan Says:

    Hey, I am having the same problem with the other guys.
    I just reinstalled my system XP pro SP2 with Ubuntu inside. Every time I register it came up with ” Loadlibrary FindeXer.dll failed. ….”
    I got VC6, Net.Framework 2.0. I have been using Finderxer for half a year. I don’t know what is missing. Someone help please:)

  16. Lippi Says:

    same problem… i cant register /unregister, but it worked before…

  17. jungle Says:

    yeah me too i used this before for like a few months now that i installed a fresh instal of xp pro sp2 it gave me this error when trying to register loadlibrary (“findexer.dll”) failed – this application failed to start because application configuration is incorrect ,please help if u have fix

  18. jungle Says:

    guys @lippi @nan i found the solution right after i posted this i remembered we need to install net framework 3.5 this will fix ur prob 🙂

  19. Necrodrako Says:

    “LoadLibrary(“FindeXer.dll”) failed – This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”

    I installed MS C Runtime Libraries For VS2005 from the link provided in the read me. Any ideas what’s causing this?

  20. Russ Says:

    I’m having trouble getting the application to install. I get the same problem as the person above me “LoadLibrary(“FindeXer.dll”) failed”.

    You’ve gotta have a fix, otherwise we can’t use this… I’ve never used it before, or even seen it being used before. A friend of mine suggested it, and I’m trying to get it working. Apparently the FindeXer.dll isn’t where it’s suppose to be, or isn’t on the computer at all, and is needed to be. There was no FindeXer.dll with the zip file from this website…

    I run Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3, with alot of Windows 7 tweaks to make it look, and act like Windows 7 the best I can. I have another computer with Windows 7 on it.

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