Some due updates

So, I guess apologies are due – since I did promise to update more often (and have been receiving numerous threatening emails demanding that I do just that…), but sometimes you find out life has other plans for you.
I have recently been touring in Japan for 3.5 weeks with the Mrs. and while that’s a story on it’s own (I have some posts I am writing on those), it does factor into the whole delay of posting. While we traveled I had no easy way of updating, and once I got back – workload had piled up so much, It felt like drowning for a little while.
Later I struck some difficulties with my previous webhost – now, if you are hosting a website, let me give you some advice I had to learn the hard way: always have your site hosted with a different company than your domain registrar!
It almost cost me my domain :/

But I digress, we are here to talk FindeXer. So, not much new to tell as you have already deduced I was rather short of time. But I have managed to squash 2 annoying bugs for users of the latest version.

Changelog :

  • BugFix, Compatibility with Windows Vista and Vista SP1 x64 versions was added as a separate download.
  • Some minor code tweaks to context menu code.
  • BugFix(?), The default action for folders in Windows Vista is Explore (which opens up a new explorer window using the “explorer.exe /separate” command. FindeXer now tests for a browsable object and browses within the current window if it is. If not, old behaviour of default action is performed…

Let me close this by saying a quick thanks to those of you who have donated, it eased the burden of purchasing this new hosting plan (which I hope you all will enjoy, as we are now on stabler, faster servers).
If you have been enjoying FindeXer and wish me to keep it in development (and “on the air”) – feel free to click on some of the ads (courtesy of our G friends) or to donate using paypal.

In the mean while, enjoy this latest download…

Windows 32bit :
This is a development version and as such could contain bugs. Some Features may also be incomplete or not fully implemented – please do not post notifying about them.

Download FindeXer

Windows 64bit :
This is a development version and as such could contain bugs. Some Features may also be incomplete or not fully implemented – please do not post notifying about them.

Download FindeXer

59 Responses to “Some due updates”

  1. Neil Says:

    I’m in the same boat as byte. I’ve installed per your instructions in the readme file with no error but still no show in explorer after restarting explorer or computer.

    Windows XP Sp3

  2. Simon Says:

    Only just discovered this. Just what I was after. Thankyou. Have been using it for about an hour already, but I would like all folders to open in the same pane, like the system folder do. At the moment they open in a new window when you click them.

    E.g I drag a folder called C:\My Work to the FindeXer pane, and set a folder icon for it, but when I click it it opens in a new explorer process rather than in the same window…can I change this behaviour?

    Thanks again.


  3. Andrei Says:

    Hey Tom, very nice piece of software! Great work. As a suggestion, maybe it’s a good idea to add “zip” to the end of the file archive in the download link. People might get confused after downloading a no extension file 🙂 Or maybe there is a reason for you to post it like that?

    Kind regards,

  4. Tom Says:

    Hi @Andrei
    Yeah – it’s on purpose – this way i can keep track of which version is being downloaded – and where to apply fixes or if to keep investing in a version.
    It also helps me keep the location of the file hidden on server – which helps prevent all sorts of attacks (and also keep the file you are downloading free of any malware 🙂 )

  5. Robo://FLeXX Says:

    Hey, have you noticed an issue with findexer taking focus off explorer when you point your mouse over the findexer area? In this case you can’t ctrl+c or ctrl+v or whatever until you point your mouse out. Or is it just me encountering this issue ?

  6. Jacob Says:

    I cannot get FindeXer to unzip after i download it. It gives me a list of programs to use to open it but not the option to unzip it. I have windows 7, could this be a problem?

  7. curiouso9 Says:

    Tom, FindeXer was really really cool.!!!, can you make it movable to the right side.. user can choose to place it on the right or the left side.. it will be more cool!

  8. roy Says:

    Thank you Tom!
    This thing is so great! It help me a lot.

    But…where can i find my original windows the Folders/Info View Pane
    I once put it on the right by modifying shell.dll. But it’s gone after intall FindeXer~

    Can i can it back on the right~~ thanks

  9. Philip Says:

    like Neil. no show in View->Explorer bar
    not run in XP SP3!
    help me plz

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