FindeXer Nightly Development Update #3

Well, Finally – after days of rigorous testing I’m Uploading Build #3 for you downloading pleasure 😉
This brings us closer to Final Version 1.1 which should have most (if not all) of the V1.0 bugs ironed out, as well as a few features added.
This latest Nightly adds VERY BASIC ToolTips. Which means (for those who can’t read subtext) – Don’t Feature Request regarding the ToolTips – they are still in development.

I`m also pretty excited about the rest of the features added and the bugs fixed and Final V1.1 should bring with it even more Usability and Customizability while remaining easy to operate.

Changelog :

  • BugFix, When using “Explore” action (with the Folders Pane) it assumes FindeXer’s width.
  • Bugfix, the font preview in the “Item Appearance” tab of “FindeXer Options” does not show the Item Color selected.
  • BugFix, the Item is not Highlighted when the Right-Click Menu is invoked.
  • BugFix, the Item selected is not re-highlighted after the Menu Selection is done (when not using hot-tracking).
  • BugFix, even though “Item Lock (external)” is enabled, items can still be dropped on the edge of the list (as last item).
  • BugFix, when “Item Lock (external)” is selected, the last item is highlighted whenever the item dragged is outside of FindeXer boundaries.
  • BugFix, FindeXer does not save the Close Button state (Hidden/Shown) when closed and reopened.
  • New Feature : Internal “Locking” – when it is enabled you will not be able to move items around or drag them out (Can be found in the Item Appearance tab of FindeXer Option).
  • New Feature : ToolTips. Very basic implementation for this version, more to follow in next versions. ToolTips will only display when you are in “Show Image” mode (not showing the item text).
  • Improved UI : Item Height now reflects the size of the Icon/Image set and not the Final size of the Item. i.e – an Item Size of 48 will result in an Icon/Image that is 48 pixels in size.
  • Improved UI : Drag Detection is now based on the System Driver Settings.

As you can see a lot of hard work is going into this, so don’t be ashamed to press the Donation button on the side, I am also starting to think of ways to reward my donors.
So go get downloading and enjoy testing out the new features…

This is a development version and as such could contain bugs. Some Features may also be incomplete or not fully implemented – please do not post notifying about them.

Download FindeXer

126 Responses to “FindeXer Nightly Development Update #3”

  1. iSmile Says:

    Sorry for my bad english…

    I like FindeXer! :) It’s much better than Finderbar (PlacesBar).
    Some propositions from me, responding the interface of a bar. A lot of visual styles draw the windows explorer window not in 3D Frames, I can’t explane it, look at the image that shows my idea

    I propose you to make one more option: “FindeXer 1-pixel frame,” where user can set the color of this 1-pixel frame.

    Thanks for FindeXer 😉

  2. Caschys Blog Says:

    Softwareperlen: FindeXer…

    Wer wie ich den Hang zum fluffigen Mac Look hat und auch nicht die Kohle hat, sich einen Apfelcomputer zu gönnen, der hat sich bestimmt schon Flyakite OSX installiert um sein Windows XP im Mac Design erstrahlen zu lassen. Doch Icons sind nicht alles. …

  3. Tom Says:

    @Caschys, Since i do not speak german (and google translation just turns it into unreadable english) i have no idea what you wrote. please re-post in english :)

    @iSmile – more border styles (with colors added) are planned for the future.

  4. caschy Says:

    Its a trackback from my german blog. I’ll explain your great software 😉

  5. Paulo Says:

    Hey! great and useful utility!

    Just an idea to make it better:

    When I choose another Explorer Bar, ie. Search, History, Folders, etc, it covers FindeXer completely and I have to close Explorer to get FindeXer back.

    Can you add an intelligent option to check for other Explorer Bars and show FindeXer’s when no other is showing???

    Or even better, when I open another Explorer Bar, open it at the bottom of FindeXer’s???


  6. Neo Says:

    Is there a way to make explorer open directly with the FindeXer bar opened?
    This site has such a thing for FinderBar

    Even better would be a button like other (search, favorites, …) have to turn it on and off (but still make it default).

    Thanks for this very good utility.

  7. Nounours Says:

    WOW !

    Man, this is THE app I’ve been waiting for for ages, easy to customize, beautiful and, above all, extremely useful. The only thing I would love to find is an option to call it back when I have replaced it with tree view or search… I know this is possible via Menu / View / left panel…, the only trouble is I would like to get rid of the menu bar in order to make explorer more finder-like.

    Anyways, this is a great app, so great I decided to create a blog to talk about such marvels as yours.

  8. Ooberman Says:

    I have latest version installed and want findeXer open in explorer by default. However, when I run explorer it always reverts to folder view (or whatever else chosen as default). When I double click My Computer it opens explorer with findeXer showing. So whats happening? I’ve tried everything in FAQ. Thanks for a great little app!

  9. Tom Says:

    @Ooberman – are you using “Winkey+E” by any chance? or do you have Explore set up as the default action for the folder item?
    if so then you are telling windows to specifically use the Explore View (aka – Folders View).

  10. Nounours Says:

    I have installed Findexer on my laptop and it seemed to work fine until I realised that whenever I click on an item it opens a new instance of explorer. I remember seeing a thread somewhere on a forum but I couldn’t find it again. Can you help me ?

  11. Ooberman Says:

    Tom: To my knowledge I’m not using Winkey+E, not sure about default action. Could you be more specific please?

  12. Vinh Says:

    what’s happen as I installing the Microsoft Visual C++ there is a error message “error 1723: THere is a problem with this window installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run”. Can you explain to me?

  13. Tom Says:

    @Vinh – as it says on the Microsoft download page for the CRT’s –
    “Required Software:
    o Windows Installer 3.0 Windows Installer 3.1 or later is recommended.”
    it means you must download and install Windows Installer 3.1, which you can do from here ->

  14. Vinh Says:

    Thanks, it works like a charm. I love your program much much.

  15. Cris Says:

    Yeah, realy nice Tool for XP!! ..and with an option for double explorerbar view: left=FindeXer, right=Directory View ..would be fantastic!

    thx Tom 😀

  16. kusoda Says:

    cool tool! how bout skinning? and widget support 😉
    can anyone tell me how to make FindeXer default explorer bar? because mine always view folders when i fire up my explorer. Thanks in advance.

  17. hu jun Says:

    thank u very much for this software!
    here some idea:
    1. if u can make this software appear together with original sidebar?
    2. desktop’s icon may change to same in explorer.
    3. can u use a background picture?
    4. can u make this sidebar movable?

    than u again for give us a good choise.

  18. fritz Says:


    It’s a pretty cool tool. I don’t have any bugs right now but if you can create a “lock items” button so that when you move your mouse over with some files or if you accidentally click on an item, you don’t delete an item in the bar by moving it away.

    For the rest, any configuration or enhancement would be great!


  19. fritz Says:


    Sorry i wasn’t clear… If you can put the “lock items” in the contextual menu. I know it is in the settings of the program but it would be faster to work with the contextual menu.


  20. Thangaraj Says:


    This application is simply not working for me. I tried 3 different versions, all of them say the dllregister was successful but there is just no new explorer bar.
    I don’t use explorer as my shell though. I use blackbox. Just in case, I actually tried downloading the c runtime installed it, still on difference, restart also makes no difference.
    Note: I also use windowblinds. And other explorer addons seem to work correctly.

    Can you help me out please? Does it require anyparticular service to be running (since I try to run only the essential)

    This seems to be a good product, and I would love to try this out :)

  21. Tom Says:

    FindeXer is an EXPLORER bar – which means, without using Explorer you won’t be able to use it…
    My aim with this project has been to imrove what i percieve as “soft spots” in the Explorer user experience.

    Sorry, but if you want FindeXer you’ll just have to use explorer :)

  22. Thangaraj Says:

    So it depends on the some service the explorer shell provides, not just the file manager (explorer.exe)?
    I have other explorer addons like inline search and IE DOM explorer that seem to work fine. And these are all “explorer bars”. So when i run explorer or my computer, the other addons work fine (even when I don’t run explorer as shell)
    IMHO this may be a potential bug.

    Regardless, good work :)

  23. Nounours Says:

    I have to say thatI have been addicted to Findexer from the very moment I installed it on my computer. I’m quite happy with it as it is. It does the job perfectly without being bloated with useless features.
    Thanks again Tom!

    Just a question though : is this this latest beta final ? Personally I have encoutered no bug, it’s really stable.

  24. Shaun0021 Says:

    Hey Tom!

    Thank you for this gr8 app. Been a fan of your’s eversince this you released the first one. Still patiently waiting for the next update which I know will be a BoMb just like the previous ones.

    Can’t wait!!

    ***Thank you for this!***

    Your’s sincerely,

  25. Tom Says:

    Hey Shaun,
    thanks for the support, the next version IS coming, i’ve been a bit swamped with work, so progress is a little slow, but only because it brings major new features.
    so, just hang on for a litlle while longer 😉

  26. Shaun0021 Says:

    Thank you for the reply tom. Now I can’t wait for the new release!!! I don’t like making requests, coz your app is incredible, but is it possible to make the hot-tracking color a gradient? I mean like on a mac when you select one of the shortcuts in the bar, it displays it as a gradient (Light blue to Darker blue). Just wondering…

    Well good luck with the work and the development of the new version. I can’t wait, coz I believe that the next release will be a hit!

    Thank you, again, for this.

    **without you, Mac emulation would be nothing..**


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    […] 水木上有网友在询问关于FindeXer的使用方法,下面写个简单的安装和配置流程,希望有用! […]
    (From Google Translate – Shuimu users have inquired about the use of FindeXer below to write a simple installation and configuration process, hope useful!)

  28. Julieta10 Says:

    Really useful and indeed well programmed. Everything I have tried works alright.

    I wonder if you could create a button like the standard buttons ni windows, for example, i have a button for favorites in the toolbar, then i just click it and immediately opnes up the favorites sidebar. Other way I would have to go to View -> ExplorerBars -> Favorites each time.

    Thank you and keep up the good work, Cheers


  29. Nuno Gomes Says:

    First of all, very nice work you have here with FindeXer, very useful, simple to use and configure and nicely customizable, I like it =D also solved the problem of the WinKey+E (my way to open Explorer 95% of the times lol) with Stardock Keyboard Launchpad, by configuring a second key to open My Computer that way I always get FindeXer to open up when I want and the WinKey+E when I need the treeview right away =) keep up with it 😉

  30. AlE Says:

    You’re amazing. Really. I’ve been waiting forever for a fast Finder-like app, and this is the best solution. Hope you develop it some more! Good luck! :)

  31. Brandon Says:

    When I use this sometimes the icons kind of corrput themselves, the desktop and my documents icons will change to the thumbnail folder image and I have to manually go and select the correct image in the options to get it to stop doing that, besides that this app is great.

  32. salvo Says:

    Hi Tom,
    needless to say… this app is so simple and useful, THANKS (note to Bill Gates: we needed a better explorer in windows xp, not that monster-killerapp vista!)

    Some suggestions for improvements:

    1) Icons resizing: i like to keep findeXer icons at 32px, but they seem to be resized version of 48px… why not use the “native” 32px?

    2) We DO need a 1px border frame!

    3) Using 32px icons with no text leaves a lot of unused space in findeXer… could it be tightened?

    Last… It seems you don’t have much time to spent in findeXer development… Why don’t go opensource?


  33. Tom Says:

    hello @salvo

    1. i am using the “native” icons and the size loaded is based on your set size. however there are 2 api’s (interfaces actually) that explorer uses for icons and while one of them will work better for 32×32 icons it will not support other resolutions very well and the other supports all resolutions with some degree of degradation at specific sizes. i chose the latter since people are also using other resolutions.

    2. :) since i doubt you suffer from split/multiple personality (or are related to the queen of england) i guess you meant “I DO need a 1px border frame!”.
    – well, FindeXer is going through some major changes right now (almost done with them) so custom borders are out of the question for the (soon to be released) next version. but as i have stated before, custom borders ARE planned for future versions.

    3. i haven’t ever tried but it’s an internal restriction set by MS in explorer – there is a minimum bar width that is enforced i guess. even though i set ptMinSize.X to 20 on the IDeskBand::GetBandInfo call… – but i haven’t tried other ways of controlling it…

    as for the last request/comment – FindeXer is Highly unlikely to become an opensource project.

    i hope you enjoy using the next version as you have this one :)

  34. madfusion15 Says:

    i’ve been using this app for a good while now and it makes getting around the computer so much easier..definitely looking forward to the next version with the new features..good luck

  35. jceden Says:

    thank you for your great work.
    I got a problem. After I check Findexer
    Right Click doesn’t work on the expected location.
    is it a bug? how can i fix?

  36. Tom Says:

    @jceden – i am unsure what you mean by “After I check Findexer
    Right Click doesn’t work on the expected location”.

    please describe what you are doing and what you expect to happen.

  37. jceden Says:

    I mean, Right-Click doesn’t work when i try to Right-Click to show up Findexer Menu on the left side of folders.
    and after I installed Findexer, just square appears on the left side of folders, I can’t put in icons cause i can’t mouse Right- Click on the left side of folders. i hope i describe right..

  38. Nico Says:

    I look this tool very much and use it since the first version, but I’ve got one question: Will there be an update and if yes, when will it be released?

    Thanks in advance!

  39. rakesh Says:

    your program looks great, i have downloaded v1.1.0.3 …..unzipped it and clikced register.bat… it showed that dll succesfully registered. then i have restarted the computer… but couldn’t find anything on the view>explorerbar>…. i unregisterd it and re registered ,restarted computers many times but still no use.Can u help me please

  40. Little-Hollow Says:

    first cool program, also is there any chance you can add support for background images, on the main window and on the mouseover buttons 😀

  41. Tom Says:

    @rakesh – i would love to help you, but you need to provide more info on your operating system, hardware and the exact procedure in which you are opening an explorer window. please email me (tom at tomseffect dot com) with those details.

    @Little-Hollow – Skinning IS planned for later versions :)

  42. Nounours Says:

    Thank you for Findexer, Tom, I love it so much that I now find it unbearable to use explorer without it.
    Although I’m absolutely delighted with present version, I’d like to know how far we are from seeing the next one. I thought I has read on aquasoft forum you were about to release and I was already fidgetting with pleasure, but … you have obviously chosen to delay that long-awaited event. Anyway, to cut a long story short : when’s next version ? 😉

  43. Stianu89 Says:

    Hello Tom, great work on findexer!

    IT’s been a long time now, and i have been watching this site. Is there going to be a final version?

  44. Tom Says:

    It is coming, it has gone some major rewrites (i will post about it later this week) and so was delayed a little.
    just to give you an idea of how much has been added/rewritten – i am currently at build 532 of V1.1.0.4 – which eventually be released as V1.1.0.5.

    i apologize for the wait – but you are getting a better piece of software 😉
    thanks for the interest.

  45. tanner Says:

    It’s an awsom aplication! I couldn’t belive when i use it. I wish to many thinks to the Finder Bar, this one does them all (still waitng for the Win+E).
    Less than 1 Mb, no manual registry, no instalation needed and just select it if you want it, if you don’t just leave and don’t uninstall or remove registry entries.
    Congratulations Tom, you’ve made an incredible application, just keep on going!!

    And thank you very much for that. For your time, because it’s also free. Thanks :)

  46. Nando Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for FindeXer! I LOVE it! It makes me more productive. Again, thanks a lot!!!

  47. abbigliamento bacio abbraccio Says:

    abbigliamento bacio abbraccio…

    Tom’s Effect » Blog Archive » FindeXer Nightly Development #3…

  48. Magnus Says:

    Nice work :D…. Next Version I want 1 click for open folders ^O^

  49. Alex Says:

    Great app. But can it be started when you click on explorer?
    I have to go into the menu and activate it every single time.

    Also, there seems to be a problem with the icon resize. Whenever I make them bigger or smaller, I get really bad resizing. Is it possible to do something like being able to preset the icon size? Like 16, 32, 48.. etc pixels?

    And it uses the respective icons? Instead of taking the 48pix icons and doing a nearest neighbour resize on them.

  50. Tom Says:

    This is so amazingly handy.
    Thanks alot. Alot of alot.
    You win. =D

    Bloody Microsoft.

  51. Stevo Says:

    hi could you enable picture background support and make the bar between the finredbar and the folder thicker(more mac like) thanks.

  52. Chicano Says:

    first of – iLove FindeXer!

    second – could you please add gardient color from top to the bottom for the hottrack background. to give it a more mactinosh look. that would be awesome :).

    FindeXer is the – best – program I found!

    much love, Chicano.

  53. Chris Says:

    Is this tool still in development? The only thing i would like to see is clicking the shortcuts to open in this folder and not in a new window

  54. ReturmOfNights Says:

    GREAT little tool. Heres my feedback to you.

    Double right click any items on the list and watch what happens (explorer reboots).

    Doesn’t support %UserProfile% or %SystemDrive% in the settings.

    Spacing settings (it’s got too much space when I increase the icon size, more than it needs anyway).

    Features to think about adding:

    Menu’s (I added start menu as a location to mine) it works but would be nice if it came up as a menu 😀

    A global settings Path – I make silent installs and putting stuff into Application Data folder is a real Pain as it doesn’t exists until a user logs on. . . If you don’t want to have a global folder then perhaps add registry settings as an option. . .or a command line to import a default XML SOMTHING.

    Feel free to send me and eMail and perhaps even code I’ll be willing to help with this project.


  55. Ishan Says:

    Awesome application mate!

    I just started using it since yesterday and im loving it!

    I can’t believe how people like you make such unimaginable things which comes in really handy!

    Good luck for your future projects/versions!

  56. g Says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for this thing, should be integrated with every copy of Windows!

    Only one little thing that I see is that hot-tracking isn’t fully disabled, when mouse is over one of the items, you lose focus of the selection at the right part of the window. Hope that’s already been fixed in the next build! Can’t wait to get it!

  57. Spudman Says:

    Great app, I hope you continue to develop it.

    There seems to be a bug (or should I say ‘feature’) where links to mapped drives disappear. My network cable was pulled out accidently and I had to add over 12 links back again (changing each icon as well) which obviously is a bit of a pain. This also means I am unable to create links to removable drives as if they are disconnected then they will disappear.

    Other than this, I love it!

  58. tintin Says:

    Hi, first i want to say that i love findexer. Yet i would like to add features to it especially to make it work with qttabbar. I saw that you gave news about it on april, are you gonna release it soon? if not would it be possible to get the source to modify it only for a personal use?


  59. Jose Says:

    Love it.
    Small request, though. I think the ability to put a texture as the background would enhance the app a lot, visually.

  60. prox Says:

    any chance of a satus update ? please

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  65. MacJK Says:

    Hello, great Tool. I have one question about Microsoft Vista? Works FindeXer on Vista?

    br MacJK

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  67. Guimenez Says:


    Can you change some icons to put in default pf your program, to be like Vista 😉

    My Documents – link – ::{450D8FBA-AD25-11D0-98A8-0800361B1103}
    My Pictures – link – shell:My Pictures
    My Music – link – shell:My Music
    Recent documents – link – shell:Recent

    Please, send me a replay of my message



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  69. GK Says:

    I’m sorry I don’t understand how to make this work. I’ve registered the .dll with regsvr using the .bat file but after I reboot nothing happens?

    I don’t understand what you mean by View > Explorer bar > Findexer. :confused:

    What explorer bars? The only list I’m seeing if I click on Views is Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List and Details. :S

  70. GK Says:

    Oh wait I’ve got it! I don’t have a “view” menu bar in explorer! I’ve never had one, or at least it’s been missing for a very long time. I didn’t know I was supposed to have one, lol. I’ve found out that pressing ALT+V will get the view > explorer bar submenu to pop up and from that I can select Findexer. :)

  71. ToRn Computers Inc Says:

    Love the program, I just found it via and figured I’d try it. Are there any future plans for an image/document preview window add in? would be nice, I still like the ability to preview the image I’m looking at before I open it.

    Keep up the work.

    – TCI

  72. tayker Says:

    Tom, since you I can’t find your e-mail address on here, what skinning apps do you use for the look in your screenshots? If you use Windowblinds, are there any ObjectDesktop apps you use? Thanks.

  73. tayker Says:

    Tom, since I can’t find your e-mail address on your site, I apologize for adding this comment here. What skinning apps do you use for the look in your screenshots? Is FindeXer compatible with only the skinning app you use? If you use Windowblinds (which is what I use), are there any ObjectDesktop apps you use?

  74. rakesh Says:

    hi tom,
    i m eagerly waiting for ur next build….but it seems these days you r busy.. kindly tell me when can i hope for your next build.waiting for yur reply

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  76. benhill Says:

    have you thourght about releasing the source code to speed up developement ?

  77. Nounours Says:

    I don’t know what’s happening, I’ve freshly installed win XP with SP2 pack and all recent updates. I installed Findexer It went ok but when I open an explorer window and click on a findexer item, it opens a new explorer window intead opening the link in the original window. If I click on an item in the second window, the link now opens in it.
    If I close the first window and click on an item in the remaining one, the link will open in a new window again… that’s odd. any suggestions ?

  78. JY Says:

    First of all, thanks for the lovely FindeXer.

    I’ve been playing around with it.

    One thing I notice is once I use the search, tree view side bar, I can’t revert back to FindeXer even though I click on the close button. I’ll be returned to the default explorer sidebar.

    Is this feature currently unavailable or am I overlooking something?


  79. Nounours Says:

    Ok, found the problem : If you tweak windows to run explorer processes separately (e.g. using a program such as windows xtra stability), findexer will open a second window.

  80. chughes Says:


    This is a *great* program. I only have one issue, and it may be something with the way the options are set up. When I try to rename a folder and my mouse wanders over the FindeXer window during the rename, FindeXer steals the window focus and cancels the rename. Is there a way around this?

  81. Michael Says:

    Integrate your copy of FindeXer with WindowsXP CD!

    1>Set FindeXer the way you want it, your fav links excetera.
    2>The settings are saved here
    %userprofile%\Application Data\FindeXer (copy this folder, or add it
    to your WindowsCD
    3>Add FindeXer.dll to the %systemroot%\system32 directory, and register the DLL as a RunONCE – computer geeks will know that what means.

    Good luck!

  82. Sam Says:

    when will you publish new version?

  83. idawn Says:

    I love FindeXer more than anything else..! Just a question or suggestion u can take it..! Can we have a background image for Findexer or a gradient coloring for the background..? Tat would be great if we have one :)

  84. plopp Says:

    Quite good app, really usefull,
    just 2 comments:
    It would be great to have the FindeXer bar on along with the standard sidebar, of course with the option that the standard sidebar is off — not for me, I’ve never used it 😉 but someone might like it :)
    I would like to access the standard context menu of the items in the bar more quickly — simply to have them just on the rightclick, with the FindeXer menu in a cascade — would it be possible to include an option to switch the priorities of the menus?

  85. Z-XI Says:

    Tom, having some issues getting FindeXer to work. I installed the C++ runtime libraries & ran the Register.bat. It says the dll was installed successfully, but when I restart explorer it first says “Windows cannot find ‘/idlist,:1516:3892,’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search” so I click OK, then when I start it again it starts normally but there’s no FindeXer in the view>explorer bar. Any ideas what’s going wrong?

  86. BenWyldeZX Says:

    There should me a feature, that allows to browse directly in the FindeXer bar, just like in Windows Vista, that would make the bar extremly more useful, i think.

  87. BenWyldeZX Says:

    Oh, and the backgroudn should be customizable for background images, not only background colors :3

  88. Spike Says:

    Any news on this?

  89. Mauricio Says:

    It does not work on windows xp 64 bit =(


  90. Mr. X Says:

    FindeXer is a great program, but could you make it accessible to only one user, rather than all users? The other users of the computer I’m on would not like to use FindeXer, but I want FindeXer to show up on all of my Explorer windows. When that setting is enabled, FindeXer pops up on all users’ Explorer windows, not just my Explorer windows. Could you change this?

  91. ojalord Says:

    Is the development still on for this? Please say yes, :)

    And is there any hope of making it work in 64 bit XP?

  92. ben Says:

    any news tom ,Version 1.1 looks be abonaned

  93. Maharishi Says:

    Hi Tom,
    first of all an excellent application. But i am having a problem that it hangs and restarts my explorer after i close my instance after installation. I tried all the previous versions but they also behave in the same way. After installing, i am able to see the finderx bar in my current instance of explore and able to us it…. but after closing that instance the explorer just hangs and restarts again and again… Just for you info i have a Vista Home Basic version..

  94. VaSiMPoGRe Says:

    Thanks Tom !!!
    But is this app abandoned ?

    A button for showing the FindeXer would be very welcome
    (u know like the ones for “Search” and “Folders”)

  95. Magnus Says:

    U_U Do you will do more version??? Is fantastic this “ad-on” for MS Explorer

  96. Octavio Says:

    Is there a findexer for windows vista??? Please tell me

    send me a messenge here

  97. ninique Says:

    What’s going on with the development of this app? It’s been over a year and a half since the last release and there hasn’t been any news or anything since.

  98. Pedro666 Says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for creating this very useful program. Also, I have run into 2 bugs:

    1) FindeXer doesn’t seem to want to keep track of removable drive
    (though it sometimes keeps the shortcuts to folders within some
    removable drives).
    2) Sometimes when right-clicking on an item in the FindeXer bar, and
    using its “Default Menu”, explorer will crash. While I’ve encountered this
    problem several times, it seems to fix itself after explorer restarts, and
    I’ve no idea what causes it, since typically nothing but explorer (and
    possibly IE7) is running.

  99. xp to leopard modding guide | Says:

    […] die Sidebar im Explorer empfielt sich Findexer, dieses Programm befindet sich noch in einer beta-phase, läuft jedoch trotzdem absolut […]

  100. kungfunefar Says:

    Hey hey hey,

    what about the new version ??? Can’t wait to see and use it !!!

  101. AB888 Says:

    I wait for Update #4 !!!
    Please release!!!

  102. Matt Says:

    Hi, Tom
    I have a problem trying to install FindeXer. After I run register.bat, it registers successfully, I close explorer.exe, start it again, FindeXer doesn’t appear under view>explorer bar. So I restart my computer, same problem. I’ve tried uninstalling and trying the version 1.0.3, 1.0.2 and 1.0 still no luck.

    Any suggestions?


  103. Cam Says:

    ok, got a problem here, I don’t know why but everything works fine until I try and find the bar in view > explorer bar, I know I’m doing everything right, registered (gives me a window saying it was “successful” it etc, but FindeXer doesn’t appear in there… I have restarted explorer (you mean end process and then re-start it right?) and restarted my computer and it still not there… I am running a lot of other programs and stuff that could be interfering though… one is called Lightstep (no reason I can think of that this would stop it, it’s a shellstyle replacement and mostly changes the desktop), and the one that I think might be stopping it is Styler Toolbar. I use Styler to hide the menu bar, cleartype, window shade, and widow snap (I don’t know if that means anything to you) Any help would be beneficial pls…

  104. John Says:

    when will the vista version be released i been patiently waiting for some time now.. =)

  105. shanahben Says:

    i also have a problem of FindeXer showing up in explorer windows of other users in my computer. how can i enable Findexer only for my account? i badly need help. thanks.

  106. heebijeebi Says:

    is there any way to get a german version of it? just looks better when everything has teh same language 😉
    if you post all the dialogues i’ll even translate them for you

  107. CyberKlabauter Says:

    I didn’t read the complete blog. So perhaps I repeat something. For all of you guys, who want to open the explorer with Findexer on double clicking, follow these steps:

    1. Create shortcut-icon from the original Explorer-Icon on your desktop
    2. Hide the original Explorer-Icon on your desktop (for example with the tool “xpKonfig”)
    3. Now you are able to open the explorer with the opened Findexerbar by double clicking the shortcut-icon
    4. If you like you can create a shortcut (key-combination) in addition. Right click on the shortcut-icon, choose option, then tab shortcut and define a key-combination.


    1. I wish me a shortcut (key-combination) to hide and show the Findexerbar

    2. Another really cool feature would be, if we could group the Links. So when I click on a group, the Links from the other groups are getting hided and the links in actually group are getting show

    3. Another little crazy feature request which is not really necessary would be this: I use Findexer with QTtabbar. If I hold “ctrl” during clicking on a Findexer Link it opens in a new explorer window. In combination with QTtabbar, I wish me, that when I hold “shift” during clicking on a Findexer Link, the folder should be open in a new tab (same window).

    That`s it. Great thanks for this wonderful application!

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  111. dewaaz Says:

    Solution to the Winkey + E issue!!!

    on neowin forums:

    thanks to Tom for this great plugin! 😀

  112. Transform you Windows Vista to a Mac OSX Leopard | Hacking | .:Lir3nt's Hack:. | The Best of Web Says:

    […] Findexer […]

  113. CherryLime Says:

    Looks like author abandoned this great addon :(

  114. Hairbawl424 Says:

    You’re nifty little explorer plug-in has become essential for my system! Thank you!

  115. Rufus Says:

    …”Looks like author abandoned this great addon :(

    I don’t think he’s abandoned it. He popped up at a closed forum (Hollywood GUI) and announced a new beta for release only to them. That was back in (I think) December ’07. That was the last place anyone has seen an update. Seems he keeps a low profile to the point where it seems he’s abandoned it, only to pop up somewhere else. Ah, the joys (and mysteries) of freeware. 😀

  116. Gonzalo Says:

    Hey Tom,

    First of all, thanks for this Gr8! app.
    Only one question, when you put your #4 or #5 here, because i dont want to register in hollywoodgui

  117. cchere Says:

    hi man,you know how i love findxer is? i have used it for a long time,it’s so good! but i haven’t seen the new version for a long time too!you give it up?

  118. andyqhw Says:


    Would it be possible to have an option for the shellstyle to be on top of the bar for Vista-like themes?

  119. Code2 Says:

    first of all applauds.

    secondly guys i cant fix the same old problem. when i open any new window, there is only a blank bar on the left…no icons, then i have to glo to view and select findeXer and THEN i see the icons….

    whts goin wrong… it worked some days back just fine..i restarted the comp did everything mentioned in the tut..word to word..but still some how nothing seems to help

  120. Code2 Says:

    even if i uninstall i see the grey bar on the right also i am a lil confused with which version to install…the build 2 or 3…..see Tom, it WAS working some days back, but i dont really know wht happened after that……

  121. code2 Says:

    hey tom..i think ure deleting my msgs…its ok…atleast mail me a solution….i cant live with that ugly grey bar for the rest of my life

  122. code2 Says:

    OK tom u are lucky…i dont know what but i think i just solved the problem…..i can see ure baby on my pc N O W…..

    and once again sorry for bothering you….AND KEEP THE GOOD WORK GOING MAN!!!!!

  123. AdunTuridas Says:

    Hey Tom, I emailed you but didn’t include some specifics. I cannot see FindeXer on View > Explorer Bar. I registered, unregistered and re-registered but I still don’t have FindeXer on the list on Explorer Bar. I was able to use this app [] several months ago that’s why I would love to have this back on my PC. I have no idea why it stopped working. When I found out that has been released, I immediately downloaded and unregistered the old .dll. Registered new version and restarted PC to no avail. I still don’t have it on Explorer Bar menu. I am forced to use Finder Bar because I love this type of program which allows you to have folder shortcuts.


    OS: Win XP
    Tweak-programs running:
    Wblinds *
    Styler *
    ObjectDock *
    Iconpackager *
    CursorXP *
    Finder Bar

    I was able to use FindeXer with the programs with * running. I am not sure whether or not Samurize and/or Finder Bar are causing this problem.

    PLease help Tom, or anyone out there who were fortunate enough to solve this issue. *still hopeful*

  124. SurX Says:

    I cant use default findexer as default in Explorer …. Look this picture ,, where is option -.- … Please contact with me …

  125. Escotarot Says:

    Dear administration, I am assured, that I shall express the general opinion of all visitors and consequently on behalf of everything, I speak you the hugest thanks for creation and maintenance of such remarkable project!

    As very much it would be desirable to hear something about plans for development of the project.

    P.S. If our help is necessary – address, we always with pleasure shall help you!

  126. Poma Says:

    Maybe a big bump but I use XP SP3, and Windowblinds, also Styler Toolbar.
    I’ve checked the option “load findexer in every explorer window by default” but it never loads!?
    Whats wrong?

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