FindeXer Nightly Development Update #2

Well, “the moment you have all been waiting for…” etc, etc… 🙂
I`m pretty excited about this. Over the last 2 days i have been dedicating every spare minute to implementing a way of getting FindeXer to display by default.
I have ditched the .reg Hack and am doing it programmitaclly. Which means, that YOU will be able to control wether FindeXer is loaded by default or not.
On first install it is set to come one by default, but you can change that by going into “FindeXer Options” (via the Right-Click Menu) and choosing the “General Appearance” Tab. You`ll see a CheckBox labeled “Load FindeXer in Every Explorer Window by Default” – use that to determine what you like.

Please Note : on EVERY RE-INSTALL of FindeXer this option is reset, as it is stored in Windows Registry and not in a File.

Changelog :

  • Bugfix, Executing Applications using FindeXer leads to a security alert.
  • New Feature : FindeXer Default Loader added. It is now even more tightly integrated into explorer!
  • New Feature : Item Drag-In Lock. While the “lock” is on you will not be able to drag items “into” FindeXer, only on items already in it. You are however able to drag internal items for repositioning and deletion of items.
  • New Feature : Added a “Close Bar” item to the Main Context Menu (Right-Click).
  • Some Improvements and safer checks added to the Drag & Drop on Item.
  • Safer way for getting the instance of Explorer now implemented in both the Context Menu and Browsing.

So go get downloading and enjoy testing out the new features…

This is a development version and as such could contain bugs. Some Features may also be incomplete or not fully implemented – please do not post notifying about them.

Download FindeXer

17 Responses to “FindeXer Nightly Development Update #2”

  1. Zedd Says:

    Hey, first off, grats on the new release

    Tried your new built, but the load on default doesnt seem to work. I reloaded explorer, check in the options menu if the load on default feature was checked and it was, but it doesnt seem to work. Tell me if you need more info

  2. Tom Says:

    mmm – very weird. this was tested on several systems prior to release.
    Which Ver. of Windows XP do you have? SP? antivirus? antispyware? anything relted could help…

  3. Zedd Says:

    Windows XP Media Center Edition with SP2
    I dont use antivirus or antispyware aps.

  4. Luccio Says:

    You rule man !!!!
    You were so fast to update your great app !!!
    Thanks for spending so much time for us.

    Take care.

  5. Zedd Says:

    Ok, got some good news. If a use a shortcut to a folder the folder does open with the findexer bar on default. It’s only when i use a shortcut to explorer.exe (or directly click on explorer.exe) that it opens with the folders bar on default. So I changed my shortcuts and it works for me now.

    Just curious btw, if you click on explorer.exe, you do get the findexer bar on default?

  6. Tom Says:

    @Zedd – there`s your problem, MCE, it`s not exactly the same as WinXP, so you might get some weird results for explorer…
    for WinXP users this opens for exvery Explorer Process they open, wether it’s Explorer.exe, the recycle bin or anything else…
    I`m guessing MCE handles Browser Helper Objects a bit differently then Normal XP.
    I don’t have an MCE box or access to one, so it might take sometime before i can figure this out…
    I will do my best, but i can’t promise anything.

  7. chiwou Says:

    man, you are my personal god of mac emulation 😀
    great app m8


  8. lechu Says:

    g-r-e-a-t app!!!

    may I ask for a shorcut key for activating/deactivating the bar (like “windows+f” or so)?

    just being greedy 😉 cause this app is just what I always wanted in my explorer!

  9. Levi- The perfectionist Says:

    AHHHHH!!!! YOU ARE BRILLIANT (and dont you know it)

  10. Nico Says:

    Thank you so much for adding this feature in such a short time!

    This is a really great tool and now it’s just even better!

    Thanks again and keep on the good work!

  11. synthenic Says:

    Thank you very much, I like this soft very much!

  12. Levi- The perfectionist Says:

    To Zedd and TOM

    I use Windows Xp MEDIA CENTER EDITION SP2 and it works fine… (?)

    I used the registery files and followed the instruction in the readme… and i have “my computer” on my desktop, i click it and findexer opens by default, it works for any folder that i add to my rklauncher dock or shortcut on my desktop.

    thanx once again.

  13. Shin Says:

    I want to use this application, but there is no files on the link.

  14. Tom Says:

    It is temporary – i am uploading the new nightly Build #3 😉
    Have some patience and you will be able to download in a few minutes…

  15. 星痕 Says:


    一个模拟finder的好软件, è¿™2天在用, 效果不错, 资源占用也不大, 删除也方便, 应该算是finder软件里的首选先上个图看看:<img src="; /> 下载点…

  16. Revigoe Says:

    yeah yeah yeah
    i love findeXer….

  17. Dmitriy Says:


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