FindeXer Test Build Released

A Sanpshot of FindeXer in Action

Download FindeXer

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The LessClix Suite of Software Applications, meant to ease your use of the Windows XP – has been Created. Starting with the Highly anticipated FindeXer.

FindeXer is an Explorer Bar targeted at replacing the Folders/Info Pane with a much more customizable one. You are able to drag in (for addition) and out (for removal) ANY file or folder – including special folders such as “My Computer”, “My Documents” or “My Network Places”.
Files dragged in and selected, will be opened up by the default Associated application, while Folders will be opened up by the Explorer Window.

FindeXer was created with the purpose of Customization in mind – giving YOU the power to determine it`s looks – if you prefer to only show Icons, Text, Change the Item`s Font or it`s Color – all can easily be achieved by using the Options Dialog.
A long time “waited for” feature of FindeXer – is it`s ability to “get rid” of the Grey Titlebar, Enforced by Explorer on all sidebars. Just select the appropriate option in the General Appearance tab of the Options Dialog, and Poof – it`s gone.

Features coming in the next Versions of FindeXer :

  • FindeXer Default View for Explorer Reg. file.
  • Animations (Drag out “Poof” for example).
  • Item Info mini-display.
  • Customizable Info Tooltips.
  • Drive Mounting Detection.
  • Detection of an Item`s Relocation.
  • Item Sensitivity Slider.
  • Drop on item Adds to Folder or Executes if it`s a file.
  • Bar tabs.
  • Language/Color/Animation Customizing.
  • And much more (well, I have to leave some surprises for later…)

So Enjoy this Test release build, and stay tuned for Nightly builds and other releases from the LessClix Suite.

[edit] : Those of you using Test Build #1 (check the About Dialog), please Update to build #2 by downloading again. I`ve improved the drawing code a bit and corrected a memory leak that occurred when .ico files were loaded as a custom image (using the Item Edit Dialog).

49 Responses to “FindeXer Test Build Released”

  1. Alamo Says:

    Okay, I am a bit lost. I have installed findXer. The dll was registered successfully. Where am I to find the General Appearance Tab of the Options Dialog? Explorer opens regularly and I don’t see where I am supposed to go to configure things.

    Thanks for helping make the computer a more customizable, aesthetically pleasing experience.


  2. Tom Says:

    Hi – as mentioned in the Readme (under Installation) :

    4. FindeXer is ready to be used – Simply select it, by opening an Explorer window and selecting from the Explorer Menu : View->Explorer Bar->FindeXer.
    – If FindeXer is not present in the list of Explorer Bars then you have not Restarted Windows or Explorer, after installing.

    FindeXer doesn ot yet open automatically when starting an Explorer session, I am working on it though. Meanwhile you have to activate it manually.

    If you still are unable to find it, please report back.
    hope you enjoy it 🙂

  3. Alamo Says:

    I have it figured out. Your assumption was correct: I thought it started automatically. This is a fantastic job. When others grasp the magnitude they will love it. A Finder Clone that operates at the speed of Explorer — because it is Explorer.

    When you figure out how to get it to start as the default Explorer inteface, it wil be absolutely perfect. The only other option I would like would be to be able to tinker with the width of the finder window. Since I have reduced the size of the images considerable, they is quite a bit of wated white space between the images/text and the Finder seperator.

    Thanks for the great work!!

  4. Tom Says:

    Thank you. I`m glad you like it.
    As for resizing – it is resizable (unless you`ve encountered a bug), just drag the verticle separator to the left and you`ll have it exactly the way you want it…

    – nice shot 😉

  5. Alamo Says:

    I know it can be resized on a per use basis but the width cannot be saved from session to session. Each time I start Explorer and choose FinderXer, the width is once at the default width. The narrower finder window that I created during the prior session is not saved.

  6. Josh Says:

    I must say, this is probably the easiest, and best finder clone out there for windows. No need for programs like Looca, Nexplorer, and others, because this beats them in terms of speed, functionality, and you don’t even need to skin it, as it’s already in windows! And just to show off 😉 , here’s my finder =]

    I just seriously cannot wait for that reg. file to help start this up automatically with Explorer!

  7. Tom Says:

    @Alamo – The width of the bar should be saved on exit by Explorer – it is hardcoded and works for me (and everyone i asked since i saw your post) it must be malfunctioning for you, could you supply me with more information on your OS and FindeXer settings so i could investigate?

  8. Bill Says:

    Why want to select a part, then can be effectively each time?

  9. Tom Says:

    Hi Bill, I am unsure of what you are asking, sorry I cannot help…

  10. Bill Says:

    Problem BE:the important point then can use once each time

  11. Alamo Says:

    Things have sorted themselves out. Why I don’t know. I’ve used FindeXer several times this morning and width adjustment is now being maintained. I’m not sure what vagary prevented width adjustment from working yesterday, but it is fine this morning. Hoorah!

  12. Alamo Says:

    I lobbed a donation in your direction. Hope it helps with the development. Thanks!

  13. Tom Says:

    Thank you for your generousity Alamo, it is appreciated beyond what i can express in words.

  14. Luccio Says:

    I can’t wait for the reg file to open explorer with your beautiful work automatically!!!!
    Why don’t you ask Kabal for some help as he know how to open automatically another sidebar view ?
    Keep on that way you’re the best !!!
    Excuse me for my english but I’m a froggy 😉

  15. Tom Says:

    thanks Luccio, but Kabal does not know either – he did not make the .reg patch for his APP but another person on Aqua-Soft Forums. I asked that person and he only knows how to do that for .NET APPs.

    don`t worry, I am sure a solution will be available shortly – I am devoting a LOT of time and resources to it…

    (btw your english is AOK 😉 )

  16. Marcelo Novaes Says:

    This is, together with Styler Toolbar feature, the solution to the Finder Clone emulation problem. It’s completely amazing, both on customization and appearance, being also pretty fast. I believe pretty soon this will be on 9 of 10 mac-wannabe computers. The only issue I could found up until now is the following:
    The only it can be accessed is via View menu. BUT, once Style toolbar is hiding it, there’s no way to open it… A very simple solution (in my view) is by adding a keyboard shortcut, just like we have to access Search, Folders, History. This way I can easily switch between folder and FindeXer view modes, since sometimes browsing in folder view is much more faster and easier.
    Also, I’d like to suggest two more customization feature, that would be spacings/paddings/alignments and (if not hard or memory consuming) the possibility of setting a color gradient for hottracking.
    I hope I could help with my feedback, since this is one amazing tool and you release it for free!

  17. Bill.Jobs Says:

    Expect the formal version release

  18. nylock10 Says:

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful application, looking forward to the next release.


  19. Bill.Jobs Says:


  20. Bill.Jobs Says:

    This OK!!

  21. leo_osx Says:

    hi friend, you app is very good, you know the x-finder beta i make this app, but i dont have time for new update, friend i have a 3 suggestions for you app:

    1)make a frame border, and implement custom color of the border
    2)maybe you can implement images for the mouseover effect item and maybe implement images fot the vertical slider
    3)you can implement skin mode easy: only use the skin for custom colors and images of the mouseover effect of the items

    is only a suggestion, good look with your work bye

  22. Tom Says:

    hey leo,
    i appreciate your comment, and skinning is planned for later (i already have image manipulation functions ready for it) – but first i want functionality to be complete.
    again, thanks for the input. i will try to have those as soon as i can 🙂

  23. Husaini Says:

    hi,tom,thank’s for sharing your apps,I think this is the best one.Do you think it’s possible to put “the Eject button’ for DVD/CD-RW and ofcourse works find to eject the DVD/CD tray,thank’s alot Boss !!

  24. Tom Says:

    It is possible and planned for later versions.
    If you want that functionality right now, you can use the Item Context menu (right click and select “[…] Default Menu” to do that.


  25. Husaini Says:

    Hi,again,why the recycle bin icon is not change in real time when it is full/emty,can you fix it,I wonder if you can make the “text” also change, i.e : full/empty,thank’s alot for this brilliant work

  26. Tom Says:

    It’s not a bug – it’s just not implemented yet. it will come with dynamic awareness of PIDL’s that is listen in the features queue…

  27. adli Says:

    Hyes, this realy good customize prog. Congragulation to you. Any new please invite me.

  28. Kiran Says:

    Hi Tom,
    just found this thru google! This is a really cool app! Thank you very much.

  29. aftab khan Says:

    hey josh, how did u get it to look like that. im new at windows customization so im not sure how to apply the effects you have to ure icons and windows. if u can send a reply it would be grealty appreciated

  30. Zyta Says:

    So, what do you think about
    last comments ?

  31. Alec Says:

    Hello. this is good stuff, although I will wait for a more complete solution, starting automatically with explorer is a MUST, you should check some post around the internet, some people suggested a macro.
    Right now I have a problem tho, I’ve uninstalled FinderXer, restarted my Explorer… now whenever I open it I get an “empty” area (Explorer Bars is set to “Folders” and I must manually go and

  32. Michael Says:

    Hi, I realize I’m almost a year behind, but I love this app, and was wondering if there was any way to slipstream the findeXer dll into my windows xp cd system files, so that it’s automatically installed when I install Windows.

    If anyone reads this and knows how please email me

    Thank you in advance, Michael.

  33. Dreadnaut Says:

    Happy Birthday to FindeXer ! 😉

  34. Kest Says:

    Hi Tom! It is a very good and useful program that I looked for a long time. Do you planning to add something like Back/Forward buttons like in Vista Explorer? I’ll be waiting for a new versions. Thanks for your amazing work!

  35. Menez Says:

    Hi Tom,
    Are you still developing this program, or did you abandon the project?

  36. Kai Says:

    Any updates on this?

  37. Bear Says:

    Nice tool – just missing a keyboard shortcut to flip between this and folder view.

  38. Darren Says:

    Hi Tom,

    Can i make a request for future versions? I would like an option to have a folder list view below the Shortcuts – just like Vista currently has by default.


  39. Darren Says:

    Another request is an option to open link in same window…


  40. Paul Flory Says:

    This is a fine UI enhancement for Explorer I’ve always hoped for. Nice work!

    Two suggestions/questions for power users:

    1) how do we toggle this view efficiently with a keyboard shortcut? anyone figured out a way or hack?

    2) how can I have this view *and* the explorer tree view appear simultaneously?

    Best regards,

  41. Dmitriy Says:


  42. mark chua Says:

    I Have a problem of this. the explorer located at c:\windows there are two of them and the Start button in desktop rightclick and choose explorer, Does not save Findexer. what should i do to save this also?. because i want to set it there not on the my document explorer or other folder, i dont want this to appear also on control panel. Findexer almost appear in every folder with i dont want. can you fix it please.. thanks. pls email me when you do.

  43. GeekShadow Says:

    Can you give your Windows Theme + Icons ?

  44. Edwin Barton Says:

    I’d love to see this updated so that you can use a background image in it instead of merely being able to set the background color, Also would probably be neat to be able to specify background colors as a mixed gradient (fading from one color to another) with the ability to possibly adjust the gradient percentage/strength so that you might be able to shift the noticeable section of the color transition to favor one of the two colors, not sure if this is possible but it would likely produce some very nice results. Looking forward to the next release of FindeXer!!!

  45. DragonMX Says:

    Findexer for Win7 please.

  46. kubo Says:

    hi is this still developed or ? 🙁

  47. Tom Says:

    @ Kubo – yes, but very slowly 🙁 i only have a few minutes to spare each week, as work takes up most of my time naturally…
    you can expect an update in the next 2 months.

  48. Yury Says:

    Dear Friend,

    When I try to install Findexa I cannot, only a black screen appears briefly and then closes, I restart the system but does not appear in the Findexa explorer bars. What’s wrong? Please help me.


  49. haslim Says:

    I’ve downloaded findexer, but why when I click register, there is an inscription “findexer.dll is not an executable file and no registration helper is registreted for this file type” please help me, thank you

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