FindeXer V1.0 Released

Following the initial Test Release, some fixes and improvements were made.
Now that all known bugs are hopefully “squashed”, development commences on the new features.

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Version History :

    V1.0 :

    • Bugfix, The titlebar would show if FindeXer was hidden and shown again using the Close button or the context menu.
    • Added the ability to save the Titlebar Caption while in “Titlebar`d Mode”. Please Note – that in order for the Caption to appear, you will need to close and then re-open the Explorer window.
    • Bugfix, When resizing the Explorer window – FindeXer would stay the same size.
    • Bugfix, When selecting “Load Last Saved Config” from the context menu – items would add to the list instead of replacing.
    • Typo fix, “Defualt Color” instead of “Default Color”

    V1.0 TR Build #2 :

    • Fixed a GDI leak when .ico files were loaded as custom images (using the “Item Edit” dialog).
    • Some improvements in the drawing code, mainly preparing for future features.

    V1.0 TR Build #1 :

    • First Version Posted on the site. Full functionality.

Click here to learn more about FindeXer.
Click Here to Download V1.0

6 Responses to “FindeXer V1.0 Released”

  1. 樹 Says:


    Added Translation (through google) :

    Very supportive of your work, although there are mistakes, but I think your software more than Finderbar promising! ! Refuelling!

    – next time please comment in english.

  2. Jack O'Trades Says:

    FindeXer looked so promising I already uninstalled Finder Bar when I found out it doesn’t stay open! Please provide us with that .reg file..

  3. Nico Says:

    This is just the app, I was looking for a very long time. I hope that you get this fix with the REG-file very soon! Keep on that good work!

  4. nylock10 Says:

    How do I keep it open?

    When I open a window, I need to go to Tools > Explorer > FindeXer to get it to start.

    Otherwise, great application.

  5. Nico Says:

    @ mylock10: Actually, there is no way to keep it open, but the author is working on it, so stay tuned!

  6. Revigoe Says:

    man,the best soft for ever!

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