Hi, I’m Tom – and for the larger part of my life I’ve been delving in pretty much everything I could get a job in.
I’ve worked in the metal industry in a CNC shop and for a locksmith, I’ve had jobs in construction, Programming, Teaching, Industrial Drawing, Lab Experiments Assisting, Electronics Circuit Designing and In an Auto Shop (a Car Garage).
I have a First Degree in Medical Science (M.Sc), and I’ve been Coding since 1983.

The main drive behind all this, i believe, is my love for knowledge and the great feeling you get when you create something unique with it. Something I feel, anyone can relate to.
This is my first site – with the main objective of publishing the Software Suite (LessClix), I embarked on the journey of writing about 3 months ago.
I was tired of the many mouse clicks I had to endure for every simple task, as well as the lack of customizability other Applications offered – and so LessClix was born.

With the completion of the first of the Suite’s Components – named FindeXer, I set off to create this site – which I hope, in time, will grow to be much more than a mere host for LessClix.
So, on with the show – I hope you enjoy your stay.