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It’s Alive…

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I know, I know… You all thought this was dead.
Well as you can see, it is not.
For the past 2 years I have been promoted within the company i work for and have had to take on many responsibilities leaving me with very little time to work on external projects. What very little time I did have, was usually spent with the Mrs.

I was not planning to release this version without finishing up all of the features and compatibility issues. But, I do listen in and lurk on the forums – and the people HAVE spoken…
So, I am releasing this version to the public (it was only in the trusted hands of a few beta testers up until now), even though it is NOT nearly complete in my view.

So you guys know how the development is going, I will be updating this blog more often, and if you will excuse me – there will be some rants and general posts made with no relations to FindeXer or the LessClix Suite. So without further ado here’s where we’re at.

Changelog :

  • Regretfully I have been too lazy (and the work has been too far apart) to properly document all the changes, so you are just going to have to see for yourselves.
  • Improvement, GUI was livened up with Mrrste – Thanks a lot m8 they really ROCK!.
  • CD/USB Detection and eject.
  • BugFix, Compatibility with Windows Vista and Vista SP1 was added.
  • Lots more – check it out for yourself…

Wishlist and Plans :

  • Vista Navigation Bar placement – I have been in contact with microsoft on this, and as far as I’m concerned they really screwed this up. It seems there is no way (or so they claim) to add a bar that will reside as another tab like the “folders” and “favorite links” do in Vista’s Explorer Window.
  • Adding Categories and SubCategories – which are expandable/collapsible.
  • Improving Icon resolution and display on some problematic settings.
  • Adding widget support, you will be able to add clocks/buttons/whatever.
  • Completing the ToolTip support to be fully customizable.
  • Automatic detection and handling of certain special folders (such as how many items are in the recycle bin.
  • There is more to come but those are the basic ones I’ll handle first (not necessarily in that order.

As you can see a lot of hard work is going into this, and in very little spare time.
There have been more than !!! 3,000,000 !!! downloads of FindeXer worldwide, but donations are not even enough to keep this site online (which is a mere 70$ yearly).
So if you have enjoyed, and have been using this app for a long time – reach in those deep pockets of your generosity and do some good with it! I promise to do a little dance of joy for every new donation 🙂

This is a development version and as such could contain bugs. Some Features may also be incomplete or not fully implemented – please do not post notifying about them.

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